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Seamless integration Mapped between Risk Assessment and your Carrier Applications

Fix the specific cybersecurity gaps an insured has directly within Havoc Shield’s Custom Portal Built for your Agency

Chances are, every cyber application you assist an insured complete will have a few ‘No’ answers or their team is unsure about it.

Build a streamlined connection to your underwriting carriers with our Customized Cybersecurity Program. We build a custom portal, co branded with your agency information, that provides a direct connection to the modules in our all-in-one cybersecurity platform to quickly remediate and complete the cybersecurity task at hand.  

Take your clients from “I can’t do all this, I’m fearful of an attack” to “that was fast, I’m well-protected now”.

Resolve Issues Fast

Havoc Shield’s Customized Cybersecurity Program ensures the streamlined movement from top of funnel Cyber Fitness Assessment into resolving requirements easily, uploading any required documentation, and reducing the claims risk of the client are wholly provided in one package.

This positions your agency as a value-added protector and benefit provider while significantly reducing application drop out, customer frustration, and underwriting exceptions or time in review.

How It Works

When the end user completes the modules inside the program, Havoc Shield automatically packages a report and evidence of the completed modules and makes it available to the applicant.

Notifications of program completion can also optionally be sent to your staff to trigger outreach or other internal processes.

Added Value To Your Agency

The CCP includes co-branding and offers an exclusive program discount to pass onto your clients on the program not available directly through Havoc Shield.

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