We started Havoc Shield because we've been the ones stuck late at night figuring out how to meet complex InfoSec requirements and worrying about some pretty terrifying threats ourselves, without a security team.

We even gave people like us a name - "Security Stewards". You're probably here because you are one too.
We're born out of the problem more and more startups are facing daily. A problem that's literally killing companies before they can really even get started.

Losing business due to the information security and compliance demands of large customers or partners needs to be a solved problem . At the same time, startups can no longer put security off until later - the regulatory, financial, and reputational pressures have become far too great.

That's why we're here. If you're curious about our team, we're on LinkedIn.

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Work with us.

Help startups win through security and protect themselves from company-ending cyber attacks.