Mail Armor Email Security

Havoc Shield’s Mail Armor service scans suspicious emails including the sender’s identity, links and attachments just by forwarding the message. We reply back with a decision on if it’s safe or not in minutes. No nosey inbox permissions required.

Email is, by a wide margin, the most successful vector for attacks against your business and customers.

Email-borne threats like ransomware, phishing messages, and scams targeting small businesses are increasingly sophisticated and without a reliable, consistent resource to help review suspect messages, employees are far more likely to fall victim to expensive attacks.

With Mail Armor, manual email reviews filling your inbox are a thing of the past and the whole team gets super-fast automated decisions on suspect messages with a high level of confidence.

How It Works

Real Simple: You just forward an email! We;ll give you an email address to share with your team. They send it anything that looks fishy, and we;ll scan it and then send them an email detailing whether it’s safe to work with or not within just a few minutes.

Details on MailArmor Scanning

Mail Armor uses several open source and proprietary methods to scan suspicious emails. For more information on the scans we perform on each message and the links, attachments, and content contain, check out this article.

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